Dew drops of winter season.

Dew drops of winter season..

In winter, dew drops are deposited on each tree. The doctor advised to walk barefoot in the dewy grass. Let's know briefly.

Bangladesh is the country of 6 seasons. Summer, monsoon, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. The heat of summer, the black clouds of the rain, the cashew flowers with the raft of white clouds of autumn, the late autumn festival, the winter cake and the dew drops.


There are many flowering fruits that need dew to bear fruit or reproduce and therefore the importance of it is immense.


Dew Drops.

Winter nights are long. Cold air is blowing all night. This causes water to accumulate in the plants, the name of that water drop is dew drops. This dew is only seen in winter. The people of the village get up very early, to enjoy the beauty of this. Dew on the grass, when moving on the road, stick to the feet. This beauty can only be enjoyed in the village. 

How to enjoy dew drops.

A lot of beauty can be enjoyed by walking around with a cup of coffee in the greenery and dew. The more cold air flows, the larger the dew drops. On the other hand, the less wind blows, the smaller. This is to get up very early in the morning to enjoy it before the sun rises.


Benefits of dew drops.

Walking with dew drops keeps the body and mind healthy. A different feeling is found. Running or walk on a winter morning is exercise. It is very beneficial for diabetics patient. 


Disadvantages of dew drops,

If the dew falls too much, the seedlings of the farmer are ruined. Workers can't work properly because of the dew. Surgical patients feel cold, when they get dew. Road are slippery, when over fall. Which is risky to navigate.

Value of dew drops.

Many photographers from different countries come to this country. They collected pictures. They sell pictures in different markets for a lot of money. People from different countries come to enjoy the beauty of winter. Most of the people like dew photo. They get pleasure to see dew photo.

Frequency Asked Question(FAQ).

1. Dew drops are helpful for plants? 
Answer: Yes. It's helpful. Meets the water needs of the plant.

2. How many months for winter season? Answer: Only 2 months.

3. Dew drops are harmful for health?
Answer: No. It's helpful for all kinds of animal and plant. But over dew drops make harms.

4. Can I see dew drops without winter ?
Answer: No. In the winter season can only see dew.

5. Are dew drops helpful for animal?

Answer: Yes. Animals get new grass to eat.

6. Are dew drops helpful for human health?

Answer: Yes. It's helpful. Make mind fresh, healthy.

7. Dew have fresh water?

Answer: Yes. It's fresh water.

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